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Percibí en su imagen
un dolor en su mirada
Acentuada por la ausencia
de la adecuada sonrisa
Fue el silencio del sonido
de un retrato sombrío
Que a pesar de que bello
se sustentaba la alegría
Que tristeza las de estos días
Donde las sombras del alma
Opacan la real armonia
La vida es una actitud
Y esa la marca uno mismo
Ilumina con tu luz
El andar de tú camino
Rie y se resilente
Pues al final en la vida
Como diría el poeta,
Faro del cautiverio
Que iluminó al Mandela:
Se el amo de tu destino,
Se el capitán de tu alma…

Roberto Yis

Published by yisjr is the limit...

One thought on “Retrato

  1. Thank you for sharing this Roberto. I tried to translate it into English. My Spanish is very crude and lacks the experience of life. But what do you think of this? Am I at least understanding in some way what you are trying to say?

    I perceived in her image

    a sadness in her look

    Accentuated by the absence

    of an adequate smile,

    the silence of the sound

    of a gloomy portrait that nonetheless was beautiful and sustaining happiness.

    What sadness these days

    Where the shadows of the soul

    obscure true harmony.

    Life is an attitude

    that marks each of us.

    Shine with your own light

    Walk your own way.

    Laugh and be resilient

    So that at the end, as the poet would say, when freed from its lighthouse  your life, your light will be like

    what illuminated  Mandela:

    Be the master of your destiny,

    Be the captain of your soul …


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