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3 cosas

Si vas a emitir tu criterio antes de hacerlo piensa 3 cosas:

  1. Si es bueno
  2. Si es verdad
  3. Si es útil y necesario

Ten siempre en cuenta que los pensamientos son diversos y pensar diferente a alguien no te hace su enemigo, no emitas criterios de odio, no digas nada que pueda herir a los demás.


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One thought on “3 cosas

  1. But it’s useful and true to remember that not all things said by one person to another are exclusively the product of thought or fully under conscious control of the person who says them. People get angry, people get frustrated, people are under stress. And so sometimes, even, or maybe especially, when they speak with the people closest to them, with whom they are used to being least guarded, words that are neither good, true, or necessary are spoken. Perhaps in that situation it is good to be extra careful in deciding how to respond! How to go beyond the hurt we feel and to look towards the healing that is what we might most want as opposed to the distancing that without conscious effort to the contrary may, hurtfully, occur. A person who hurts you is not necessarily your enemy, such a person might actually be a dear friend acting out of weakness.


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